Off-the-shelf packages



A comprehensive landscape analysis that goes beyond the basics to identify issues, influencers, and directions that can help you reach your goals.

  • Deep community insights to identify ownable areas of engagement
  • In-depth disease impact/therapeutic landscape profile




For companies looking to build or reevaluate their internal advocacy structures, a proven, award-winning practice to identify the advocacy that's right for you, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Gain consensus and engage key internal stakeholders on the most effective advocacy initiatives for your organization

  • Generate key insights from cross-functional experts, and promote understanding of how advocacy initiatives can affect their functions and goals

  • Help streamline internal processes for a smooth launch




A customized advisory structure to get the right advisors to the table to generate guidance and buy-in from the community and make sure your initiatives start and stay on track.

  • Customizable advisory structure with KOL
    recommendations and relationship development

  • Pressure-test strategies and tactics

  • Comprehensive meeting facilitation with
    pre- and post-meeting insights and feedback




A customized dashboard to highlight advocacy goals and achievements, and help build appreciation for its unique contributions.

  • Showcase the value of advocacy initiatives throughout the organization by tracking and reporting progress

  • Establish and maintain clear metrics for advocacy programming objectives to reinforce understanding of the connection between advocacy and the brand

  • Ongoing tracking of client engagements, quarterly dashboard evaluations, and end of year reporting and analysis




An analysis of key community stakeholders, their programs and influence, to help you connect with the best partners for any project.

  • Keep a pulse on the advocacy community, and help ensure that your proposed initiatives stay relevant in a complex, shifting landscape

  • Craft a comprehensive database of “go to” advocacy partners and top priority stakeholders

  • Prioritize initiatives and help maximize adoption in the community


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